Executive Members

Matthew Holmes – has been working in the cloud since its conception and infancy (when it was still just known as the internet!).  However, after 10 years in the industry, as a speaker, consultant, entrepreneur, and developer he has realised that for most people it’s still a fog! Read more….

Lisa Kendrick – as a founder and marketing director of Liquid Accounts, Lisa knows how to create a brand and a buzz from scratch.  Over the last 7 years she has learnt more than she ever wanted to know about cloud computing, marketing cloud software and cloud marketing (social media, online marketing, websites, SEO, PPC, blogging etc.)  She knows how to promote the cloud and how to use the cloud to promote your business.  Read more….

Consulting Executive Members

Richard May – is a cloud hosting and infrastructure guru: After 20 years working in what has now become ‘cloud computing’, he formed virtualDCS in order to offer a completely UK-based enterprise class cloud platform for any size of business.  Read more….

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