What Can The Cloud Execs Do For You?

The experts that make up the Cloud Execs can offer a range of cloud services and consultancy, either together as a combined package or separately.  Our Execs are as happy working with the ‘big guys’ in corporate-land (Telefonica, BP, Panasonic) and working internationally (Switzerland, USA, France, Spain), as they are working with passionate start-ups and growing small businesses here in the UK (Nature’s Footprints, Beat Dyscalculia, Appaxi, The Little Bricoleur, Grove Garden Rooms, TGC Computers, Cambium).  If we can help, we will (and if we can’t, we’ll tell you!).

Our secret weapon is Matt Holmes, cloud guru, developer, serial entrepreneur and dyslexic who like other dyslexic entrepreneurs before him (including Sir Richard Branson, Theo Paphitis, Lord Sugar, Jamie Oliver and Anita Roddick) is a creative right-brain thinker who can see connections and come up with new ideas and new ways of doing things that seem obvious when he explains them (in his non-techy, down-to-earth Yorkshire manner).

Here are some of the ways we try and pass on our knowledge, ideas and expertise to help other people in business:

  1. Presenting (with a difference)

All our team are experienced presenters and speakers and are regularly booked for events by organisations such as the ACCA and CIM as part of the CPD programmes.  Matt in particular has a reputation as fun, interesting and different speaker (who shuns ‘death by PowerPoint!’) and has chaired and spoken at events such as The World Cloud Forum.  Some companies even book Matt to work with and represent them at business conferences, shows and events, as he’s known for being memorable and being able to talk to anyone!  (Before one business event attendees were tweeting each other wondering if ‘the man in the kilt’ would be there again!)

Andy Earnshaw from CIM says of him,
‘He…. has received a higher feedback rating than presenters from Google and Microsoft.  This may be down to his ‘say it as you see it’ presentation manner or alternatively his ideas, which are often as radical as a London Fashion Week catwalk show, (that soon after you then see in the high street).’

For further information or to book a Cloud Exec for your event please contact us.  Prices start at £250 plus expenses.

2. Training (with a difference)

Similarly, all our team our experienced trainers and have regularly run workshops and training courses on a variety or technology and cloud-based topics, and have helped create both face-to-face and video-based training for clients.  Again, we favour a hands-on, interactive approach for our workshops and seminars.

With this in mind, Matt has come up with a completely new concept (which counter-intuitively takes you outside in order to understand more about your business) called, Under The Clouds – find out more here…..

3. Consulting and Project Management (Why not let us do some of the thinking?!)

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is all it takes to solve a particular problem, relieve some of the pressure, give you new direction or focus, remotivate you and help you grow.  In 1-2 days, we can come in learn about and understand what you do, review how you do that and make some common sense recommendations of changes you can make to see immediate results.
And if you’ve got a particular project in mind, but don’t have the in-house confidence, expertise or capability to implement it yourself, we’re here to help.
We’re particularly good at helping you with:
  • raising your profile through cloud marketing, PR and blogging, social media, websites, SEO, PPC and video content
  • developing new software and applications
  • strategic thinking
  • making the best use of available cloud services and technology to save time and money and automate essential processes (including cloud hosting, using specialist cloud services and private cloud, using virtual assistants, cloud marketing, cloud bookkeeping, accounting and database management)

Contact us to find out more about consultancy and project management.  Prices start at £500 per day, £2000 per week, or book a Business Review for £800.

4. Mentoring and Exec/Non-Exec Directorships

Our team have all ‘been there, done it, and got the t-shirt’ when it comes to setting up and running small businesses and we know how invaluable it can be to have someone there to talk to, who you know will give you advice, guidance and reassurance when you need it.  You’ll often find us in one cafe or another having a chat with young entrepreneurs for Kirklees Youth Enterprise Centre or giving informal advice to friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

If you’d like to talk to us about mentoring on a more formal basis or would like to meet up for a one-off (free) trial session, contact us….

Alternatively, talk to us about directorships if you’d like to have access to our skills and expertise whenever you need it, as part of your team.




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