Matt - rope ladderUnder The Clouds: A Business Workshop With a Difference

Under The Clouds is a brand new initiative, created by Matt Holmes, which draws on elements of Forest School and Matt’s own Scouting past to help entrepreneurs, business people and teams leave the constraints of the office behind and learn to think differently about their businesses.

Matt says:

‘I’ve always believed that being dyslexic  is an advantage, and more and more that’s now being shown to be true in business.  Because of how my brain works (and Richard Branson’s, Jamie Oliver’s, etc.) I can see the bigger picture and make connections that other people don’t see.  (In my first job managing the IT systems for an engineering company, the designers used to come to me for help when their designs didn’t quite work because I could instantly see how it would all work together and where the flaws were!) And rather than just tell you about it or do it for you, I’ve decided to try and teach you how to do it for yourself.

Also, again from personal experience, I’ve learnt how important it is to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing whilst running a business, and to get away from it all and switch off whenever you can – and being outside can be a good way of doing that.’Under The Clouds Alternative Business Workshop with Matt Holmes - trying new things

On a very basic level it’s also about team building, communication, problem solving, doing something different and having some fun.  We’re aiming this at Senior Executives, Management and teams that work together regularly, particularly development teams. The workshop will be outside as much as possible and will include a series of tasks and challenges, designed to challenge you and how you think about things.  We hope it will teach you how and when to apply process and creativity to your business, and how to ‘think out of the box’ by broadening your horizons and being ‘under the clouds’ and not being in the box to start with.

‘Sometimes you have to take yourself out of your comfort zone to move forwards in business as well as in life.’

To take part in our workshops, contact us now.  The workshop will last 4 hours at our base just outside Meltham, Huddersfield, and will cost £200pp.



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